Friday, February 21, 2014

Frosty Other World

I just opened the blinds and curtains in our house this morning and discovered an amazing new world outside.  Every tree limb and bush branch is covered in the thickest layer of pure white frost I have ever seen.  It is absolutely gorgeous out there!  

We have a perfectly shaped scotch pine tree outside our living room window that is nearly two storeys high. To see it completely outlined in thick frost is soul healing, it is that beautiful.  Longer thin branches from the front hedge are weighted down with the frost, making the hedge look like an explosion of fireworks.  

My husband just took some photos on his digital camera and if I can figure out how to attach one to this post I will do so!  We are not photographers but you can get the general idea:


Heidi said...


Susan said...

Yes, I wish we were better photographers so that it would look even more the way it looks to us as we see it all first hand.
This morning there were several centimetres of snow on top of the frost and wow, the branches are weighed down. Again, very lovely.