Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun With Newspaper Articles

I rarely fail to find some laughable spellings or misuse of various words in newspaper articles, particularly those posted online.  The last couple of days spawned two cutie patooties:

1.  I read an obituary where the deceased was described as a "tender sole".  Hmmmm......his feet had tender soles?  He was secretly a rather large fillet of sole? (and by the way, is that "fillet" or "filet"??)  I suppose such things would be known only to his soul!

2.  An article in a small city paper was entitled "An Idle Vehicle is a Criminal's Playground" or something to that effect. "idle" vehicle.....  I have studied my own vehicle in depth since reading that article. It didn't look particularly idle to me, even when sitting in the garage awaiting its next outing.  It doesn't look lazy.  It doesn't look bored.  It looks the way any vehicle looks when it isn't being driven:  standing at attention while awaiting its next trip out.  Is the article, rather than commenting on its mien, instead trying to tell me that anytime my vehicle is not being driven by its owner it is in danger of being stolen?  Personally I think it would be somewhat easier to steal if it was left "idling"!  (and particularly if it was also unlocked while "idling") If the vehicle is idling then it is no longer idle....hence my confusion after reading the article.

Isn't the English language fun?  Confusing, but a ton of fun!

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