Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grand To Get Outside!!

Today was my first day in 4 days to be outside doing something other than shovelling snow....although I did a bit of that as well this morning.

After lunch the temperatures started to rise and the wind died down.  It was a perfect day to dress warmly, grab my winter cane and head to the post office.  There were a few icy "hills" to climb as I crossed parking lots and some sidewalks that hadn't been shovelled since the storm yesterday.  It made a boring walk more interesting.

The post office box was, as I had suspected, filled to overflowing with mail, mostly for the church.  However there were 2 parcel pickup slips.  The parcels were our passports.  I can't believe it....only 3 weeks since we sent in the information.  I thought it would take twice that long.  Now, if we can just find somewhere outside of Canada we would like to go and visit, plus find the money to do it as well. hahaha  They will make boarding airplanes easier though even in our own country as they are wonderful ID's.

I was delighted that 2 parishioners were in touch with me today to find out how I am doing during my extended time on my own and they both offered me rides to the post office.  However, I needed and desired the exercise walking would afford.

It was glorious to get out, glorious to get my feet under me on the icy streets and glorious to get a downtown chore done.  AND I will be just fine if I don't have to walk up there again before spring melt!!

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