Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Think Wiarton Willie Must Be Frozen In Place!

I think the Canadian groundhogs must have frozen on the spot where they came up above ground on Groundhog's Day!  All across Canada the weather is poor to dreadful it seems and has been all this month.  School buses have been cancelled twice here this week due to wind chills well below -40 degrees.  Where I live there is no end in sight to the cold snap any time in the next week.  By the weekend our overnight lows are to be around -38C again.  Isn't the biting cold supposed to be over by now???

My Vancouver Island BFF sent me photos earlier this week of the deep snow experienced in her town.  No, it wasn't as bad as what we get on the prairies, but it is more snow than Vancouver Island is used to getting.  She and her husband were able to enjoy a snow day as their place of business had to be closed due to the inclement weather.  

My son called me a couple of days ago to tell me he was sitting looking out the window of his residence in Vancouver watching monster huge snowflakes coming down and covering everything in sight with a thick cover of white.

Middle Canada and the Maritimes have been experiencing record snowfall and horrendous storms this winter.  Spring is certainly not anywhere near to being "just around the corner" this year.  O Spring?  Where art thou??  I am sick to death of winter.  A prairie buddy called me today with winter weather burnout and is looking to take a few days off work to regain her equilibrium.  The ongoing cold and the work it takes every day simply to start a vehicle, shovel out and drive somewhere is starting to get to even the toughest of us prairie folk.

In the midst of the dreariness it was nice to get good news today from my dad that after a few more tests he should be able to receive his spinal gel injections in about 5 weeks time.  Praying and hoping that will be the case.  He has permission from his heart specialist to go off his blood thinners for 5 days prior to the procedure and now requires a final updated MRI to confirm the present position of the fractured discs.  Here's hoping it all goes well for him.

Mom continues to get excellent reports about her own health. She is one of the most amazing 86 year old women I have seen in a long time, just going and going and going in all kinds of weather. She is originally a hard working prairie gal and it shows!

Our son is working like a maniac to get his thesis and final art works completed in time for university in June.  His tuition money is slowly trickling in from some painting sales and some special gifts.  He is healthy once again and it is wonderful to hear how happy he is these days.

Earlier this evening I participated in the second of a series of webinars put on by the Canadian Diabetic Association, all about diabetes burnout and how to regain control of your disease management.  I was astounded at the percentage of diabetics that develop mental health issues, including schizophrenia even though it is an independent disease.  It was very good to get this information. The next webinar is in March and it is about Eating Well.  I think it will be most helpful in the immediate circumstance.

Next week I will go to the doctor to get the results of my latest A1C test and take them along with me when I next see the dietician in March.  Near the end of March she and one of the RN's on my team are presenting a 4 session weekly clinic at the hospital, again more diabetes information.  We will test blood pressure as a group, measure our waistlines, learn all we can about diet and exercise etc., then early in the autumn we will have a "reunion" session where we check ourselves once again and see where we are at, if we have improved our results by using what we learn in the earlier sessions.  I am looking forward to the information and also to meeting some new people in our town who struggle with the same disease that I do.  

My husband is at our other church tonight participating in a preparatory meeting for World Day of Prayer that is coming up the first week of March.  The liturgy this year has been written by the women of Egypt.  I wasn't able to attend the meeting tonight due to the webinar, but I am looking forward to the actual day of prayer as it is interdenominational and most every church in both our towns participates.

It will be a busy week next week between that, the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper at our local church, then another supper and Imposition of Ashes at our other church on Wednesday.  

Before all these activities my husband is heading to the city for a couple of days this week to lead a pre-ordination retreat for 3 postulants and then to another town 3 hours away for archdeaconry meetings on the weekend.  All this before Lent even arrives and the countdown to Easter begins.  At least this time I get to have the car while he is gone.  YIPPEE!

My shopping plans during his absence consist of a couple of new lampshades for our aging living room lamps and maybe, just maybe a new pair of pants and a top that actually fit me right now.  I am down 34 pounds as of today and still counting.  It feels GOOD!!

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