Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Invigorating Winter Activity

Today I had to do a medical treatment that shot my blood sugar up mid afternoon, so to bring it down I went outside into the cold wind and shovelled out the front sidewalk.  Nothing like 30 minutes of activity that physical to restore things to right!

I love shovelling.  It is a great excuse to be outside in the worst of the storms.  The way the wind blows the snow across our sidewalks requires me to be out there working away clearing it at least 2 or 3 times more often than any of our neighbours so that it doesn't get so deep I can't move it at all.  It was up to my knees on the sidewalk closest to our front door, mostly from the strong wind blowing the 5cm of new snow across from west to east. I will go out tonight and shovel again, at mid evening in the dark, so I can watch the snow blowing around under the street lamps.  It is kind of eerie in a beautiful way.

After shovelling I completed the last of my extra kitchen cleaning chores. Tomorrow I will be able to start the regular weekly cleaning routine.  Despite being stuck indoors alone all week, the amount of work I have accomplished thus far with no other people concerns has been amazing and encouraging.

I am so glad my husband is safely ensconced with his clergy colleagues at a beautiful retreat centre and is not trying to drive anywhere. All around his location the highways are closed due to snow and zero visibility.  A serious accident with a multiple car pileup added into the mix has occurred not far from where he is staying and it is a wonderful relief to know he is not out there in the midst of that disaster.  

I am praying for friends who are returning this very evening from Hawaii. Their trip started out with weather problems delaying their flight there and they lost an entire day of their vacation.  As I write this they are flying home to a highway that has been officially closed due to snow and wind. They will probably have to take a hotel even though the airport they will land at is only 45 minutes from their home.  O how I pray they will not attempt the drive back this evening.

In  2 more months we should be experiencing spring to some degree. Lawn mowing will replace shovelling as my main outdoor physical activity; lawn mowing and WALKING!  YES!  In the spring the snow will melt and I can go for long walks once again.  Soon.......soon........soon.......

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