Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not Quite the Improvement in Weather That was Forecast.....Yet.......

My plans for the day have been scuttled by the weather.  Instead of a warm up day, our high has been re-forecast to -25C, the wind is blowing and we are under a heavy snowfall warning.  Brrrrr......Friends from south of us are flying home tonight after a couple of glorious weeks in Hawaii. Their immune systems are in for a shock!  Yesterday I envied them their sunshine and surf. Today I am glad I have been here all winter to stay acclimatized.

So, no walk downtown for the mail today.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.

And that is a joy for me of not being employed outside the home.  Let the snow fall and the winds howl.  Most of the time my daily plans can change to accommodate weather surprises.  Instead of going downtown this morning I will clean out and rearrange the spice cupboard and my husband's tea cupboards.  I will be a good girl and not throw anything of his away, no matter how useless the item or paper bag or ziplock and its contents appear to me, but I will reorganize the mess!

Tomorrow I will have an even better outdoor adventure than I would have had today.  Tomorrow there will be hills of snow to climb going back and forth to collect the mail at the post office.  I can pretend I am climbing Mount Everest, or mushing my way across the frozen northern wastelands, or lost in some frozen frontier.  The warmer temperatures are still forecast to arrive sometime tomorrow morning and it will be an even more perfect day to be outdoors than today would have been before the forecast changed to snow.  

My outdoor exercise today will be shovelling and I do enjoy it, so no big hardship there.  If the prediction is true, I will have several chances to get outside and enjoy digging through the drifts.

My husband, son and parents are safely ensconced in warm accommodations of their own, I have no one else to be concerned with this week, so I am enjoying my solitude to the fullest extent.

In many ways I would make a great hermit.  

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