Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pizza BAD! Pizza BAD!!

Tonight I made a deliberate decision to cheat on my diet to see what would happen.  We ordered in a pizza for dinner and I know that I can have only one to two small slices at most.  Tonight I was very hungry and decided to eat an extra slice, then do my regular post dinner exercise to see how badly the extra carbs would effect my blood sugar.  

Well, I found out all right.  My number skyrocketed by 4 points.  FOUR!  That has not happened since my diagnosis.  The only carbs in my meal were from the pizza crust and I am guessing there is a fair amount of sugar also added to the flour mixture.  I admit my numbers both before and after dinner were well within the acceptable range, BUT to go up 4 points after one meal is not good.  

I don't eat pizza any more as a rule, (tonight was partly treat and partly experiment), so it will be weeks or even months before I eat pizza again and that is a good thing.  Next time it will be one slice only. Next time will be a long time coming.  I don't even want to think about what kind of a spike on blood glucose I would have experienced had I not bothered to exercise after I ate......NIGHTMARE!!

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chris e. said...

Pizza is a diabetic disaster! Even when every single carb in each ingredient is taken into consideration, it causes a rise in blood sugar all out of proportion. I guess the only comfort in that is that you are in good company!