Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Right Now the Weigh Scale is My Friend

I noticed this morning that the pair of pants I am wearing today, the same pair I last had on 10 days ago, are looser around the waist and droopier in the butt than they were then.  Sure enough I have lost another 4 pounds....my scale is in pounds rather than kilos so sometimes I get confused.

Today it is all good.  In the past 12 weeks I have lost 30 pounds exactly.  O how I wish it would show more in my face, but I have the large face of my Irish grandfather and it is always the last place any weight loss shows up.  Even the calves of my legs are smaller.  My high winter boots are not so tight now when I pull up the zipper.

I am hoping my weight will stabilize in the next couple of months.  When we go to Vancouver in April I want to go clothes shopping!!  If I take a mostly empty suitcase on the plane with me it will force the issue or I will have nothing to wear while I am there.  teeheehee, hohoho, giggle, guffaw, shout for joy!  Clothes shopping I will actually enjoy: now there's a treat I haven't experienced in 25 years!  

Hopefully I will not cry the first time I am able to shop in a proper store for people of more average weight.  Gratitude makes me emotional. It has just been so long........

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