Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rob Ford and I Agree On One Thing

I have to agree with Toronto's Mayor Ford on this one:  it is inappropriate to fly the gay pride flag at city hall (anywhere in Canada) as a show of solidarity for gay athletes participating in the Sochi Olympic Games.  

While I very much disagree with Russia's laws and attitudes toward the gay community, the Olympics is supposed to be about sports and competition, not political protest against the host country's policies.

It is just that simple.  It is not about homophobia, it is about keeping a sports event about sports as much as possible at an international event that all ready has its problems focusing on that very thing.

If we are going to fly flags for one group demanding equal (or apparently special) rights from the top of our Canadian city hall buildings, then where are the flags representing women's rights, animal rights, single parent's rights and so on and so on?  The people in the gay and lesbian community do indeed deserve equal human rights with all the rest of the groups who have been ignored or persecuted over the centuries around the world.

However, let's not use the Olympics sporting events to create more international political problems than all ready exist.  There is enough of that going on subtly (and not so subtly) behind the scenes with countries purchasing judges' votes and working deals to ensure their own athletes win medals even when they don't deserve them.  There are sufficient "hidden agenda" messages worked into speeches by Olympic committee leaders and heads of foreign countries.  

Enough is enough all ready. Let's just watch the sporting events at the Olympics and make sure that our own country treats all its citizens well.

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