Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sochi's Olympic Games

I really enjoy watching the Olympic games. Summer Games, Winter Games, I don't really care, I just enjoy them all.  Despite all the politics, the doping scandals, the unfair and downright crooked dealings that go on, I prefer to put all that aside and just lose myself in the wonder of the achievements of the amazing athletes.  The next few weeks will bring many happy hours of tv watching enjoyment as the Games get underway.

The only thing that threatens to mar my enjoyment in any way is the threat of terrorist attacks that could harm innocent people visiting Russia, as well as some of the Russians themselves.  The U.S. government issued a warning today about the possibility of terrorists smuggling explosives on to Sochi bound planes in tubes of toothpaste.  It makes me very sad that terrorists have succeeded so successfully in their attempts to shake up the rest of the world, but they have indeed.  

We live in a very sad world.  I would love to be naive and ignore this sort of thing, just be my not so secret Pollyanna self, but I can't do that when it comes to terrorism.

There is one thing I can do and that is to join the thousands of other people praying for God to intervene in any plots to harm the people involved in the Olympic Games.  I don't know what answer we will receive but I know God's people are to pray for peace in the world.  That much I can do every single day and right now I can direct those prayers specifically toward Russia and the Olympics.


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