Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Repairman Cometh!

We've been boiling pots of water on the stove for several days while waiting to have our humidifier fixed, as I wrote in an earlier post.  Today my husband called the furnace repair to see if we were still on the list and we are.  Ten minutes later the repair man called to say he would be here in fifteen minutes.

We have learned a few things since moving here 4 years ago.  One thing is that the trades and service folk we have had to call over the past 4 years are getting to know who my husband is now.  They seem to even like him, despite his being a religious sort of fellow.

The other thing we have learned that makes this part of the prairies significantly different than where we lived in Alberta is that people do not respond positively to anger, bullying and force.  My husband is unfailingly  kind and polite when dealing with people in any sort of job, particularly in service jobs like the trades and the food service industry. He gives them the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't complain if he has to wait awhile for service.  It pays off here.  

I have to say it is one aspect of living in Alberta that I do not miss.  There is so much less paranoia here when it takes some time to have repairs done or for a waiter to appear at your table in a restaurant.  People simply don't take every little delay as some sort of personal affront the way they seem to do to the west.  There is far less hollering and threatening and nastiness in these types of situations.

Being a life long Albertan until we moved to SK a few years ago, I think living here has had a positive effect on my own general demeanor and in the way I approach people I have had to hire or who "owe" me some sort of service.  I am not certain I will ever be as genuinely kind and understanding on my insides as my dear husband so naturally is, but at least I can maintain the outward appearance better while my internal reactions are learning how to gear down.

This more laid back approach to business dealings can certainly drive a person crazy if she isn't used to it, but once you get into the groove of that mentality it isn't so bad.  Getting angry here does not force anyone's hand. If anything it just delays everything more.  Passive resistance seems to be the response to people who get angry over a problem that is perceived as not important enough for such outbursts.

Yup, the joys and frustrations of small town living are many, but the longer you live in prairie towns and try to understand the way things work, to give the working people the benefit of the doubt, the better action you will get from the service industry employees.

Good to know!

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