Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Return of Winter

After nearly a week of teasing us with warmer temperatures and dryness, winter returned with a vengeance overnight.  O my goodness, what a lot of snow and drifting.  No travel is recommended to the east of us and to the south of us, where my husband was supposed to be driving to our other town for Bible study tonight, there is a lot of ice and drifting as the snow hurtles to the ground in huge fuzzy flakes.  I have learned that when the snow is blowing horizontally past the living room window it is better to stay inside until it stops.

Earlier this morning I went out to shovel the long knee high drifts that blew in overnight, but I had barely started before our zealous neighbour with the snow blower mounted on a teeny tractor unit was out warning me off so he could do it himself.  I was so grateful because I discovered there was a paper thin layer of ice under the fresh snow and my yak traks were starting to slip on it as I pushed the shovel along.

As soon as I was done with my bit of shovelling I drove downtown to mail a letter.  That was an adventure. My husband shovelled the drift out from behind the garage door and I jockeyed the car through the drifts in the alley to the street.  As soon as I drove around the corner onto the street I realized that the 4 block drive was going to be rather interesting.  The wind was howling from the south and there were small sections of white out conditions at each intersection. Downtown was as deserted as I have ever seen it on a week day.  Parking along the streets was difficult as the snow had swirled into deep drifts along the curb.  Turning corners even at snail's pace still pushed the car into the oncoming traffic lane as it slid on the icy buildup.  The sidewalks downtown that looked as if they had blown clear and dry were actually covered with the same thin icy layer that I had encountered at my own residence and I nearly fell down twice as I inched my way along to the post office.  

Guess we are having one of our rare blizzards of this winter.  I am very grateful it started before my husband finished getting ready for his drive out of town.  Right now he is contacting every one he was supposed to be meeting with today in the other town where he works and postponing.

Perhaps we will be storm stayed by tomorrow, but I am guessing it will blow itself out by this evening and we will all be able to dig ourselves out again by the morning.  My husband just may get to the other town to work tomorrow after all.

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