Saturday, February 1, 2014

What Happened to January????

I can hardly believe the calendar has all ready led us to the first day of February!  How did January pass by so quickly?  I am still adjusting to dating my cheques with the year 2014!

Some people judge tomorrow, Feb. 2, (Candlemass in the church calendar), to be the first day of spring because it is half way between the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year, part of the same tradition that gives us our Groundhog Day prediction.  I am guessing that anyone who calls Feb. 2 the first day of spring has never lived on the prairies.  Usually Feb. 2 is the first day of our second round of winter weather!  Since tomorrow is supposed to be sunny I am guessing that old groundhog's shadow is going to predict another 6 weeks of the cold stuff for us.  I can't in good conscience ever call Feb. 2 the first day of spring while I live out here in the snow covered fields.

Today we are going on a short road trip, just over 100km, to enjoy a 60th wedding anniversary and visit a very elderly parishioner.  The snow is floating lazily down, just enough to cause some drifting on the highway and some visibility problems as the wind swirls it around.  I am glad it is a short journey.  We will easily be home before dark.

What freaks me out is that this little trip is happening on Feb. 1.  FEBRUARY!  ALL READY!!  I feel like I am living in a time lapse film.  Everything is happening too quickly.  My 60th birthday is looming up far before I am ready to face it!

Aaaah, therein lies the crux of my difficulty with the passing of time.......aha....

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