Monday, March 10, 2014

A Beautiful Melty Day!

It's a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining, the ice on the sidewalks that froze overnight after yesterday's bit of melting is starting to get a watery sheen on top again as the rise in temperature returns.  We are right on the cusp of the return of spring.  If it isn't quite as warm as it usually is this time of year, well, after having windchills in the -50's only last week, this week is like paradise. clothes feel too warm, my outdoor coat feels too heavy and it seems ridiculous that I still need to wear winter boots to tackle the snow. The piles of snow are all ready shrinking after only a couple of days of above zero temperatures.  The south business access road beside the main highway is completely flooded all ready, creating slow driving conditions to the gasoline least for drivers that have the brains to refrain from deliberately racing through the deep puddle, deluging oncoming vehicles with muddy water and risking stalling out their own vehicles' engines.

The town and surrounding countryside are going to look kind of muddy and ugly for the next few weeks, the former pristine white snow occasionally refreshed by spring snow storms, but it would appear we are having an early spring here after all.  The appearance of the spring swallows and ducks over the weekend points to better weather to come.  

I have opened up the spring clothing bins and am preparing for an ironing fest, in hopes that at least a few winter sweaters and shirts can be binned until next year, while I prepare the spring clothes for wear in the very near future.

Our greedy birds have barely touched the fresh seeds and nuts in the feeders outside the kitchen windows since last week's cold snap ended.  They are moving on all ready to their spring nesting areas.  Even the sparrows have been getting their food elsewhere more often and are not stuffing themselves like baby pigs when they come through our yard.

Out here on the prairies, this is the exciting "stuff" of impending spring!

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