Friday, March 7, 2014

A Local Fish Fry!

Today was long and tiring but it ended nicely.  Friends had invited us over for dinner this evening and I was really looking forward to it. It turned out to be a nice surprise at mealtime.

One of our parishioners is headed to Africa with a group of students to participate on a construction project on spring break.  One of the fundraisers for the trip was the delicious fish fry dinner our friends invited us to attend for our meal out.

I have to admit that while I was still looking forward to the meal and visit and very excited that being able also to visit over dinner with more friends and parishioners at the fish fry, the idea of eating dinner in a hockey arena, and fish at that (I mean who finds decent fish to fry on the prairies, right??), I was a bit concerned that I would be facing heavily battered pre-cooked fish someone had tossed into a microwave, half cooked bagged french fries and soggy, drippy cole slaw.

Hooo haw, was I wrong or was I wrong???  What a fantastic meal.  It was so good as to seem completely incongruous being served in a rural hockey rink.  We were served northern pickerel, the best of the best, from our northern rivers, barely breaded and herbed perfectly with very little salt, no heavy, greasy floury shell for me to have to peel off before I could eat the barely there strip of fish that I had been expecting.  It was beautifully cooked, soft and moist instead instead of dried out and tasteless.  The pieces were huge.  I had to ask for only half a serving.  There were fresh home made buns.  There were perfectly shaped baked potatoes in clean, flawless skins.  The ubiquitous cole slaw was there all right but the amount of dressing was small, perfect for my husband and I and not interfering with the taste of the cabbage and carrots.  For dessert, home made angel food cake with pudding topping, very light and fluffy.  We couldn't eat it, but our friends said it was very nice indeed.

Tonight was a nice surprise as far as food and the extra joy of visiting with good friends made for a perfect evening.

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