Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Week of "Happy's"!

This week begins our annual season of Happiness Celebrations.  Today is my husband's birthday. Tomorrow is our 37th wedding anniversary.  Our son has a birthday in 2 weeks and my husband's sister has a birthday a week after that.  It is a fun time of phone calls, greeting cards and celebratory emails back and forth among the family members.

We kicked off our celebrations yesterday when we received some cards and gifts in the mail.  My parents go a little bit overboard sometimes with those because we so rarely get to see them in person to celebrate together, but it was fun on a dreary, cold day to find something exciting at the post office just for us.  Today there were family phone calls.  We went out for dinner this evening: medium rare steak for him and a turkey schnitzel and perogies for me.  I get a small sized dinner portion that has the exact number of carb units I require for dinner and then I add in an extra half hour of exercise after dinner here at home, just in case.....haha.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and as usual we are so busy there will be no opportunity to celebrate other than a card exchange as we pass each other running off to various meetings and medical events, so we had to pack all the excitement into this evening's brief time out for a meal away from home....followed by the added bliss of coming out of the restaurant to a car that wouldn't start because I had hit the  switch for the lights as I got out of the car on our way in, over an hour previously. haha  

I learned something though about recharging the battery that I didn't know before. Bless my husband for filling me in.  Apparently if it hasn't been too many minutes since the battery powered out, you can do a couple of little things to try to recharge it sufficiently to get it started again.  Unfortunately this car is an automatic so the old push start doesn't work, BUT tonight I learned something to try if I don't have access to assistance from someone else.  My heart dropped into my stomach when I first turned the ignition key and there was absolutely no response.  My husband and I sat and looked at each other in horror because we were going to miss a boxing match on tv if we couldn't get going. (Now there's a fantastically fun birthday celebration: watching guys punch each other in the face!!) We sat for a minute and then in frustration I tried the ignition key again.  There was a slight, half rev and then it died again.  However, when he heard that pitiful purring attempt coming from the engine, my husband grinned and said perhaps all was not lost.  (We could have called someone from the church to come and boost us, but we had no phone directory with us and have no numbers memorized for parishioners at this point in time and we didn't want to wait for a CAA tow truck to come just for a battery boost.)  So, my husband pulled out his stop watch and said we would wait for 5 minutes and then try to start the car one more time.  He told me that little buzz we heard on my second attempt at starting it indicated the battery was trying to re-boost itself and so it couldn't have been dead that long.  He told me, once the 5 minutes was up, to turn the key and if there were 2 to 3 little buzzes, to push my foot slowly down onto the gas pedal and see if it would start.  Sure enough:  I turned the key, the engine sputtered a couple of times, I slowly applied the gas and it started right up!  Yippee!!! Thank you dear husband for this new and useful info!

We got home in time to watch the last 10 rounds of a 12 round match and it was a really interesting fight.  We missed quite a few broadcasted fights last fall so are enjoying the rebroadcasts right now.  Thank you TSN!

I am glad we could go out for a bit of dinner tonight as our anniversary tomorrow is the usual washout for celebrations.  haha  I start the day with a spa treatment for my teeth (AKA a cleaning) while my husband leads a Bible Study at the seniors' manor.  Somewhere in there we may cross paths back at home, eating our lunches at differing times, before he heads out of town for a couple of days of ministry elsewhere and I head over to the hospital for a diabetes clinic.  I will get home from that just before dinner and after bolting down my food it will be time for a diabetes webinar that will take up most of my evening hours.  Perhaps my husband will remember to phone me later in the evening and let me know how he spent our anniversary. haha  The next evening I have plans to go out for dinner with a local buddy who is so much fun to spend time with. Can't wait for that.

Before we know it the weekend will be upon us once again.  It is all ready Tuesday and it seems like only yesterday we were in the city having fun.  It is true that as we get older the time seems to race past far too quickly, far too often.

There are more celebrations to come with other family members who are celebrating birthdays in the next couple of weeks.  This is an exciting time of year.....lots of reasons to celebrate, including  the onset of spring. YIPPEE!!!  I can say that because the predicted snow today didn't arrive, although I suspect it will be snowing tomorrow instead as I am trying to do these marathon walks back and forth to dentist and hospital.  

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