Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Uninterrupted Day Today......I Hope.......

After yesterday's non-stop GO GO GO to dental appointments, diabetes clinics and diabetes webinar sessions, I need today to just be at peace in my own home, doing a bit of shovelling outside and progressing at my own pace on the housework inside.

I am happily tired today.  I have a ton of work to accomplish, it is nearly 9am and I have not started any of it yet, but I have enjoyed reading some newspapers, lounging over my breakfast and gearing up for the rest of the day.  My husband is happily occupied elsewhere for the day so I can just do as I please. 

What pleases me today is to be left alone, to be quite honest.  Tonight I am supposed to be going out for dinner with a friend and I am looking forward to it very much, but prior to that I have to get my own work phone calls, no more emails until later this evening....just a day to do the work that I need to do.  Sometimes other peoples' lives and problems take up enough of my time that I start lagging behind on my own jobs here at home.  I let that happen all the time because I enjoy being available to my friends and family.  Usually it is A-OK, but today is a day for my own work to be accomplished.  

It is official: I am taking a day off from the rest of the world and getting the jobs done here at home that will make both myself and my husband happy and comfortable in our own space.  Ooooh, that feels good!!  Sometimes I have to declare my own intentions to myself or I fail miserably at accomplishing needed goals.  How quickly I forget that my husband and I also have daily needs to be attended to.

Yup, it is going to be a great day of good deeds done right here at my house!

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