Monday, March 17, 2014

Crazy Dreamin'

If awards were given for crazy dreams my husband would get at least first runner up.  I can't wait every morning to hear what ridiculous scenario he dreamed about during the night.

2 nights ago he was dreaming about Zorro.  Zorro!!  The two of them were trying to convince people that they should join them as crime fighters throughout the world, but that in order to do that they should first come to my husband's Bible study group. hahahahahaha  I can at least see some of the background reason for that dream, as in one of our churches there is a distinct lack of interest in having any sort of Bible study outside of Sunday morning church, but to have to draw on the resources of Zorro???  Really???  hahahahaha

Last night's was even funnier.  In last night's dream my husband was involved with the Pirates of the Caribbean.  He and Jack Sparrow were trying to recruit new residents for the local nursing home.......wha?????  AND they didn't even have to be retired pirates to qualify for residency I can't understand then why it was such a battle to locate new people for this lush seniors' care facility.  hahahahaha

Being able to remember his crazy dreams is a good sign for my husband.  It means he is getting over some of the stress he has had in his job lately.  I have noticed as well in his sermons and public speeches that his sense of humour is surfacing again.  He is waking up feeling cheery in the mornings.  He doesn't always deal well with long cold winters like the one we just had.  As spring struggles toward arrival this year he is responding well to the warmer days and the sight of snow melting in the fields and on the streets.

So now I can't wait for tomorrow morning now to hear what his latest silly nighttime adventure is going to be.

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