Saturday, March 15, 2014

Damnable Ice Dams

The writing in another newspaper article caught my attention this morning.  It was a report about the problem of ice dams that happen this time of year.  My husband was up on our roof here at home just the other day removing one to stop our roof from leaking from a large chunk of ice that was jammed into a crevice above our front entryway.

This particular article may have contained all manner of excellent suggestions for safely breaking up ice dams but my attention was distracted by some interesting spelling.

The article continually referred to ice damning and ice damns.  hahahaha  Although there have been occasions when I have found it damnable, I doubt it has ever successfully been damned into non-existence anywhere in the world.  This spelling error was rather cute.

Farther down the same page was an advertisement for "ice cream".  It is actually "iced cream" ( or more likely in this day and age, iced milk).  

Another article talked about something that was "damn good" instead of "damned good".  (lots of emphasis in this morning's newspapers on that little 4 letter word)

I do enjoy my morning newspaper reading.  There is always some unintentional error that is good for a chuckle.  Reading those errors makes me feel so much better about my own written mistakes.

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