Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Clappy Feet!

This morning I went all out and paid for a proper pair of Naot walking shoes.  Ooooh, my feet are so happy!!  I don't remember the last time I bought proper shoes....or any kind of shoes at all other than a couple of pair of cheap sneakers when my ankle was healing a couple of years ago.  

I am very easy on shoes for some reason.  I bought a pair of brown suede shoes in Alberta 12 years ago and I am still wearing them. I wear them a lot. They look barely worn.  I have a pair of hunter green dress shoes that look great with black outfits and I purchased those shoes over 15 years ago.   9 years ago I grabbed a little pair of inexpensive "leather look" shoes when I found myself in need of some comfy walkers one weekend when I was out of town.  I assumed they could just be spares and then thrown out as soon as I bought proper shoes again.  Yup, still wearing them regularly with pants that cover up the toes so that the cheapness of those shoes is not so noticeable. hahaha

Today I wasn't planning on buying shoes, as we are going to the city on the weekend for part of a day and shopping is one of the things I have to do there. The mall my husband has to drop me at while he attends a meeting is not known however for having proper shoe stores. It has the usual mish mash of department store shoes, all too wide for me, as well as a discount shoe store that still carries those inexpensive "leather looks" that are identical to the ones I bought 9 years ago.  I will go there and pick up a couple of pair of flip flops if they have their summer sandals in stock, as those make great house slippers year round....comfy on the bone spurs as they mould around my heels over the first few weeks of use.

This morning when I went to the bank to pay some bills I happened to peer into the window of one of the little clothing stores on main street and noticed they had a Naot display sign, so after doing my banking I went back to the store to investigate.  In less than 10 minutes I had a big shoe box with me as I exited the store.  One thing I love about Naots is that their tie shoes are usually narrow enough for me to wear.  They have  a sort of built in arch support/heel orthotics arrangement that lets me walk comfortably for a long time without pain.  I have found with footwear that generally you get what you pay for, so my wallet isn't complaining too loudly about what I spent on my new shoes.  

Now, when I go shopping in the city next weekend I can do so in comfort.  I can check hem lengths on summer pants quite easily as I will all ready be wearing the shoes that I will have on when I wear the new pants at home.  

Every so often it is a lot of fun to have a shopping serendipity like I had today.  Yippee!!  Maybe, just maybe, now that I have lost some weight I will enjoy clothes shopping again....maybe......maybe....maybe......

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