Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Evening Plans

If you don't personally know me and the particular situation I am in you are probably wondering why I blog about such typical daily activities as I do, as if they are newsworthy, as if they matter, or as if anyone would care.  I suppose I am actually writing for the people who do know me and understand why so many little things are newsworthy for me.  I want to let my personal cheerleaders know that life has not stopped for me despite "everything" that I do not let on about here on this blog, so they will be encouraged that their prayers and support are translating into a normal life for me.  It is all good.

I am delighted that my husband and I are going out for a drive and dinner this evening.  That is, the driving time will be together but the dinners will be in separate restaurants!  haha  We are driving to our other town so that my husband can have a dinner meeting with one of the church committees.  It is kind of a private matter being discussed this evening and so my husband is going to drop me off at a different restaurant where I will enjoy food I most like (yup, chinese food again) and then while he continues his meeting after dinner, I will hike a couple of blocks over to our church after mine.  

If no one is renting the church hall tonight I will spend some time doing my evening exercises.  I am taking along some borrowed piano music and will practise on the old piano in the church proper.  I am also taking a book along that I am part way through reading and enjoying. (Thanks Jo, it is one of yours.)  The couple of hours I will be on my own will be most enjoyable.  Yes, I could stay home and do all those things, but it is always more fun to do things in a different environment just for a change.  Plus there is the bonus of having some alone time with my husband as we drive back and forth.  I am looking forward to my evening away.

While it isn't as warm today as it has been, the snow is still melting a bit.  A long slow melt is better anyway as it prevents basements and garages from flooding.  In AB there is flood fear happening again as their temperatures start hitting the double digits far sooner than ours will.  I don't think we are forecast to get warmer than a daytime high of +5 or so on one day and then it is back to highs of +1 and -1 for the rest of the week.  What footwear to don is the biggest question right now.  The downtown streets and parking lots are now pretty much snow free, but climbing through snow drifts to access vehicles at our own homes is sometimes a problem and will be for a few more days.

The rest of this week is a bit slow as far as plans, at least for me.  I am glad for that as things start to heat up again the next week and the last week of March is a near nightmare of appointments with doctors and dentists in between trying to figure out how best to acknowledge my husband's birthday and our anniversary on the 2 busiest days of the week for us both.  

So, off to reply to a couple of emails and then it is time for that good drive and fun food!    


Iowa Leah said...

I just love that I can check in any time and there's always something new to read! I get so frustrated on other blogs when I find one I like and then they have stopped blogging like 6 months ago. LOL

Susan said...

I aims ta please!!
Actually I have the same frustration with blogs suddenly going silent, particularly theological blogs. Mine may not always be that interesting, but it is current, haha.