Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is it Too Early to Hope For a Reprieve from Winter?

At this moment our temperature is -17C with a windchill of -24C.  By this afternoon the warmer temperatures are forecast to arrive and see our outdoor temperature rise to a high of +1C.  Over the next few days we are forecast for daytime highs of between +3C and +6C.  The fog we drove home in last night seemed to indicate the arrival of a warmer weather system.

Could this really be???  Could spring truly be on the way?  Are we being teased into delusion or are we finally about to be rewarded for the incredible, record setting low temperatures we suffered through in February? Could the container of ice melt I purchased yesterday be the last one I will need before next winter arrives? Might I be able to do my walking each day outside on the sidewalks within the next week or so?

Is it once again time to quote author Anonymous' famous poem:
"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies is."??

Be still my heart!  If this is true, if spring is really set to arrive, we will be in for some massive spring snow storms over the next few weeks, but I personally am willing to risk it. Spring blizzards are horrible to be caught driving in, but they are generally short lived, with the snow melting again in a day or two. not torment me with false forecasts, let it really be spring!!    

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