Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Playin'

Today should have been a day to start cleaning house again, but I decided to delay and give myself a play day.  I had a great time in between phone calls and emails.

This morning I made my own brand of spaghetti sauce, this time adding in the stalk ends of some fresh asparagus (had the tips for lunch...DEEEElish!!) and a liberal addition of tabasco sauce.  We will be breathing fire after dinner tonight and our tummies will feel warm and happy!!  Love the spicy food.  My ancient blender was put to good use as it ground up the peppers and onions, tomatoes and asparagus.  I added lots of lean hamburger to it as well this time.  It tastes wonderful.

This afternoon I took time to go outside and play in the water that is pooling on the low spot on our front sidewalk.  It was warm enough to use a spade and chip away all the ice hanging off the higher ground under the hedge and along the opposite boulevard.  I dug a trench on the lower side of the sidewalk for the water to drain down toward the natural drainage point.  Mucking about in the water and mud was such fun and as an adult I don't need to apologize for getting the bottom of my boots muddy and soaking my pant legs!!  Hopefully by morning most of the water will have drained off the sidewalk sufficiently to allow pedestrians better access on their route to work downtown.

And now it is time to go and heat up that spaghetti sauce again so we can eat dinner before my husband has to attend a vestry meeting.  What a fun day, with a fun reward of spaghetti dinner at the end of it.

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