Saturday, March 15, 2014

Me, the Eighth Dwarf: "Dummy"!

Today at lunch time I misread the nutrition label on a new brand of pitas I wanted to try.  Short version is that I ended up eating twice as many carbohydrates as I am supposed to have at lunchtime. "Dummy" is my middle name apparently!!
So, how best to counteract the error?  Yup: the dreaded exercise!  I did dishes, walked around and around inside the house, marched on the spot, did my back exercises and walked laps around the church and hall for 110 minutes of the 120 minutes prior to postprandial blood testing.
It was certainly worth it: my sugars were up only 1.7 points.  2 points is a good rise and 3 points is as big a rise as you want to go.  Whew!!
No one will ever convince me that large amounts of exercise don't assist in maintaining good health, particularly for diabetics.  I will never believe it.

And now I am going to celebrate by sitting on my bottom for an hour to read a book that arrived in the mail this week.  Perhaps, since I had to get up at 5:30am to help my husband prepare for an out of town meeting, I will even fall asleep and have a wee nap.....zzzzzzz....

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