Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noah and Hollywood

Late the other night I posted a rant about the new Hollywood movie "Noah" and how horrified I am by the reaction from some parts of the Christian church to the portrayal of Noah as simply a human environmentalist instead of an obedient follower of the Lord God.  After I read it over a few times I deleted it because it was so negative.  My exhaustion was showing that evening and I sounded silly.

So here is attempt number two:

It disturbs me when my fellow believers freak out over a non-biblical portrayal of biblical characters and events by atheists and others in the wild and wacky world of Hollywood movies.

I think I can say it that way quite calmly and rationally.

It seems that so often there is a knee jerk reaction from parts of the Christian and other religious communities when people who don't believe in God, make no claim to believe in God or the Bible or anything spiritual at all, decide to portray spiritual epics in their own way and for their own purposes.  Sometimes our outrage about these types of things is out of all proportion to reality.

My own reaction is more along the lines of "meh...".  Bible stories hold a fascination for many people and for many reasons.  When people deliberately choose to retell the stories and leave God out of it, or twist what has been written, or give a secular interpretation to what has been preserved in the Bible, that is up to them.  Who knows what good things God will bring out of their possible error?  This is God we are talking about here and if we know our Bible stories at all, we know he is capable of using absolutely anything to speak to people about his existence and his love for us. (I am thinking of Balaam's donkey, Jonah's whale as examples.)

Since the box office/ratings are what Hollywood is all about, (and none of us can claim to not know that), if we want to protest the making of a movie we don't appreciate it is quite simple to register that protest by refusing to go and see it, to refuse to rent it from the video stores and to decide to not watch it when it shows up on the satellite movie channels on our tv's.  

If the bottom line of the makers of non-biblical biblical epics is money then we don't have to give them any of ours.  Easy peasy, simple, clear cut and the best way to not make fools of ourselves in public.

End of rant.

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