Friday, March 14, 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring is coming all right.  I can feel it.  

Although the crisp smell of the outdoor air has not given way to the heavier, cloying warmth of oncoming spring, there is a new lightness in my body and mind as the suffocating wintery feeling of being wrapped in a cloak begins to lift.  We have had sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures for the past week.  The piles of snow have shrunk a bit.  The remaining ice on the sidewalks and streets has a shallow sheen of melt water on the top, making it treacherous for walking, but adding to the encouragement that spring is soon to arrive. There is a patch of brown dead looking grass appearing in the middle of my front lawn.  A bit of snow is to fall in the next 36 hours but the daytime temperatures will remain close to 0 and slightly above.  Night time temperatures are higher than -10C. I wake up every morning smiling instead of feeling grumpy. The winter bird population at our feeders is presently depleted as they move on to spring breeding grounds and we are in that lull period before the spring flocks arrive here from the south.

The annual miracle of spring is on the way.  I can feel it.

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