Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow

My dear husband has generously and graciously rearranged his schedule today to allow me to use the car for my appointments at the hospital.  It is snowing fairly heavily outside today....our first spring snow and it is a doozy.  Hopefully by the time he absolutely has to leave town for his out of town committments the ploughs will have been out clearing the highways.

I am not complaining about the snow.  Compared to the storm presently hitting the state of Virginia and that is on its way to the Maritmes with wind gusts well over 100km and over a foot of predicted snow, what we have here is pretty insignificant.  The arrival of the snow also means that our daytime temperatures will be rising over the next week.  Besides, I do enjoy getting out and shovelling. That will be my task once my afternoon appointments are over.

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