Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Provision Continues

When my husband and I left our "faith" ministry and took up a steady monthly pay cheque I assumed that would be the end of the somewhat supernatural opportunities the Lord had taken to provide for us.  While that turned out to not be the case, lately I have been taking on a bit more stress about making that pay cheque stretch better, particularly trying to save some funds toward our trip in April.

This week the Lord proved me wrong once again as I began bearing the cross of responsibility by myself and leaving him right out of it.  On pay day I had to break down and buy some new undies in light of what happened that last time I walked home from downtown...if you saw that post you know the humiliation I experienced from continuing to wear my raggedy old undies.  Being essentially a skinflint, particularly in regard to buying things for myself, I was rather angry that I couldn't have made those undies last just a bit longer, at least until after our mini vacation.

Yesterday I went to collect the mail.  A parcel I was expecting to come from a friend did arrive....several pair of jelly bean socks in bright wonderful colours that match my summer teeshirts. What I didn't expect to find was a financial gift.  Yup, you guessed correctly: it was indeed the exact amount I spent on pay day, but the kicker is that the accompanying note explained that it was a bit of a conditional gift.  I was to spend it on new undies before I went to Vancouver!  hahahahaha  Isn't that just a hoot? Okay God, I get it, I get it.  You ARE still in charge of providing for us.  I get it!

Other blessings this week included an unexpected package of books from a friend: relaxing, mindless, fun puzzle type books for freezing cold days like this one (we did indeed reach a windchill of -50C overnight) where there is little motivation to do much beyond hibernating in the warmest rooms in the house.

My husband returned safely last night from his retreat, cruising in while the windchill was still only -36C; a balmy evening indeed.  The blessing of the cold weather, cancelling his meeting far out of town today, is that he is sleeping in this morning, no stresses to face, a little finishing work on his sermon in case we can actually get to church tomorrow in the cold, a chance to regroup and refocus his life before the onslaught of the Lenten and Easter seasons and the extra work for the Diocese that is coming soon.  So for us this wicked cold has turned into a marvellous blessing.  Dell was so tired last night he had water bags under his eyes from the long drive in the darkness while his equally exhausted deacon slept in the passenger seat. 

Today is a blood testing day for me so I will be able to just focus on my diet and exercise and make some comparisons from the last full day of testing and see what is happening.  My morning sugars have more or less stablized whether or not I have an evening snack so I have stopped having those unless I feel hungry then, but now I rarely do.  Stabilizing those morning sugars to any extent has been a blessing as well.  

Finding blessings in the midst of bitter cold weather that keeps us indoors for so long in the winters is a good mental and spiritual exercise.  Seeing God continuing to provide above and beyond our regular pay cheque has also been an encouragement to me and it has inspired us to do a little extra giving ourselves this month.

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