Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thrilled For My Friends!!

Today has been a good news kind of day for several of my friends.  I am delighted for them all.  Today was a day when it was fun to pick up the telephone and hear such delight coming from the other end of the line.

One friend sold her house today.  She has been stuck in a bad situation in a rather horrible little community......for over 30 years!  What excitement her call generated today.  We have held each other up emotionally through some pretty rough times over the years and I couldn't be happier that she will be moving to her province and town of choice within a matter of a very few weeks.

Another friend had fabulous news to share about a personal situation that has made her world a dark place for the past little while.  The situation has not changed but she is gaining new control over her dealings with it. She is sleeping better and paying attention to how to react when she is forced into the situation that, with good reason, so upsets her.

Another friend is dealing with a temporary health issue and learning about how to get some help until such time as it passes and she is free of it.

Other friends have called or emailed recently with other kinds of good news.  One of our friends let us know he has had his travelling van refitted, a new motor put into it so it will be ready for spring and summer hiking trips with my husband at the first opportunity to get out into the mountains together.

Friends with grown children have contacted us to let us know about the wonderful universities and career positions their children have been accepted into over the past couple of months.  There is little more exciting for parents than to see their children stepping out on good paths in life.  

A young friend with her first child let me know how much fun her family had this week celebrating his first birthday.  It made me smile as I remembered my own son's first birthday, buried to the armpits in icing on his giant rabbit cake.

What a great time of good news.  With the imminent arrival of spring it seems fitting to receive other good news on every possible front.

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