Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unwittingly Fitting

I am having a bit of a lazy Sunday morning.  My husband and I decided that with the extreme windchill, he would drive alone to our other town for service and leave me here to take the local service in a pinch should he have trouble with the car on the way back.  I love going to the other church and am disappointed to miss it today, but the decision was a wise one.  Our deacon is down with possible pneumonia so won't be there to take over in my husband's absence.  It will be a very small group at the service and they are used to me taking over from time to time.  In a minute I will go and check out the liturgy and readings, practice the hymns I was scheduled to play anyway, but for a few moments I am going to continue to chuckle at something I read in a newspaper earlier this morning.

Every place we have lived in has a bevy of local musicians who rarely have opportunity to "make it big" but who are popular for various reasons other than actual musical ability.  I was reading about one of them this morning from a town where we once resided.  Whatever his level of talent or lack thereof, this man is determined to do his music full time.  As he approaches middle age it seems less likely he will ever get that big break he has sought for so many years.  I have to admit I don't care for his music, his singing voice or his style of attacking his musical instruments.  He is a nice enough person, but there was never a hope in my own opinion of him becoming an international star.

What got me laughing this morning was an article about a fundraiser he was involved in a few days ago.  It was a feature article in his local paper.  There was a giant photo of him playing (or attempting to destroy, not sure which) an otherwise innocent guitar and from his posture and facial contortions it was obvious he was grinding out one of his own versions of a bluesy tune.  

So what was he raising funds for?

He was headlining a fundraiser for new toilets in a local park.  For some reason the whole fal-de-rol of the report, the huge headline and photo, the several columns about the need for these toilet facilities, struck me as absolutely hilarious.  It is partly because when I first heard the poor man singing I was reminded of the sound of a broken toilet I once heard grinding away as it attempted to flush refuse into the sewer system.

Maybe it is only my own bizarre sense of humour, but for that reason his fundraising efforts for this particular event seemed most apropos!

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