Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whoa Now Doc, Could You Slow Down the Information Flow???

Company from out of province graced our home toward the end of the past weekend.  It was a good visit, short and sweet as it turned out.  It is always nice to see old friends...or new friends...or any friend really.

I met a new doctor, an intern from another town, when I went to see my own doctor yesterday morning.  This little gal was perky, knowledgeable and expressive of that knowledge to a fault.   By the time I left what was supposed to be a 2 minute appointment to pick up my quarterly blood work results but that turned into a nearly hour long assault on my emotions, with a side order of information overload, I felt shaken to the core. Not even seeing a glimpse of my own doctor did nothing to help me calm down so I am praying that my next quarterly report will happen after the departure of Super Intern Gal. head is still spinning.  I was supposed to fill out a form after seeing the intern, to give my own point of view as to how the appointment had gone and give some details. Fortunately the form was long forgotten by everyone by the time I finally got out of the clinic to bolt for home, because I was so mentally bamboozled I have no idea how I would have thought sufficiently clearly to write anything at all.

I didn't have to wait long in the examination room before Super Intern appeared and she truly is a nice gal, is going to make a good doctor if she can learn to judge how much information is appropriate to share with a patient.  She assumed my doctor was going to be joining us in a few moments and when that didn't happen, she went and copied my test results for me, (please note that this set of tests gave results that are normal for even a NON-diabetic) then launched into a most descriptive oratory about blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications.  I learned a tremendous amount about "acers" and "statins" and how they may be able to help me avoid heart attacks and strokes even if I don't technically need them, followed by an even longer description of the possible side effects, including the possibility of blockage occurring in the arteries leading to my kidneys and how a surgeon could shunt my kidneys if I had a bad reaction to one of the aforementioned acers.  About that point I could feel the agitation rising, my face getting hot as I became more flustered.  None of these things had been mentioned yet by my own doctor as she believes in a more slow approach to dealing with diabetes and giving her patients every chance to get their blood pressure and cholesterol lowered by their own efforts BEFORE the meds discussion.

The lecture on shunting my kidneys FINALLY ended and the next statement was, "Okay, so let's take your blood pressure!"  Whaaaaa?  I could feel my blood pressure rising as she talked and the cuff being slapped around my arm at that point was the icing on the cake of an unexpectedly terrifying appointment.  Fortunately I peaked out only at the highest acceptable count for a diabetic, so I believe I may have avoided another go round of one sided discussion on blood pressure meds.  Miss Perky Encyclopaedia of Medical Knowledge decided to go and track down my own doctor and ask her if we couldn't get me onto the acers to, according to the most recent studies, lower my risk of heart attack by 55% even though I don't actually need them at the moment.  I am positive my blood pressure continued to rise.

Although I never did see my actual physician, I did hear her soothing voice out in the corridor assuring Miss Information Expo that she was on top of my situation and that in my case she really had planned to wait for my next quarterly blood work and look again at my overall condition before presenting me with any sort of medicinal options...and then only if necessary. Whew!!!  My blood pressure began to plummet at that point and I nearly passed out.  I was allowed finally to go home....58 minutes after I had been expecting to be on my way, head reeling, stomach churning...I haven't been able to completely let go of that kidney shunting business ever since, but I'm working on it.

One good thing did come from the awful morning though: our local church Shrove Tuesday pancake supper was last night. There was not one thing served to ingest that either my husband or I should have.  So, although I COULD have had 3 tbsp. of light whipped topping on my 1/4 allowed pancake and my teaspoon of maple syrup, I snuck off home and made beef sandwiches and salad for my husband and myself.  There will be no kidney shunting in the near future for me if I have any control over it!! 

After the supper my husband did the Ash Wednesday Imposition of Ashes service, a day earlier here in our local church as is the tradition, so that he can head this afternoon to our other church and do the same service there on actual Ash Wednesday.  The local one went very well.  As one of our parishioners said, "Your husband knows just how long to talk to a church full of people with tummies full of pancakes." haha  The same lady asked a question at the end of the service that began a short discussion that turned into a type of Bible study.  It was great!  

Many more services to go in the remaining days of this first week of Lent.  We will be attending two identical World Day of Prayer services on Friday, one in each of our two towns, broken up by a yummy dinner with a parishioner in between.  Local church service is Saturday evening, which means a relaxed Sunday morning service in town number two, no racing back for a particular time.  I love that once a month change of pace. And onward go the services, too many to mention here, then many other extra committments until Easter has come and gone.

It is a busy time, made busier by all my extra medical appointments this month.  However, I doubt any of them will top the marathon session I experienced yesterday.....from my mouth to God's ears!


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chris e. said...

I love this! That intern sounds like an infomercial for Big Pharma!!!
Where's Timothy Leary when you need him???