Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yup, It's Spring All Right....Know How I Can Tell?

There are some serious hints going on today that spring has definitely arrived out here in the middle of nowhere!

1.  Since I had no transportation and had to walk to the hospital this morning to see the dietician and RN, (GOOD appointment, very encouraging), I of course awakened to our first freezing rain of the spring season. Out from winter storage came my spiked walking cane.

2.  Since we have to drive to the city tomorrow and have no option but to go, of course there is to be somewhere between 2 and 4 cm of fresh snow to fall on top of the freezing rain and that will be accompanied later this afternoon by wind gusts of between 50 and 70km, rendering the highways nearly impassable by tomorrow morning.

3.  The town where my husband spent the night last night is all ready experiencing the beginnings of a small blizzard and by the time he comes home this afternoon he will be praising God for having the foresight to take a shovel with him in the trunk of the car.  Hopefully he will be home before the need to dig a driving lane down the middle of the road becomes necessary.

4. Overnight low temperatures will be dropping again for a few nights to -19C, with daytime highs of about -9C, even though it is nearly the end of MARCH!!! This will guarantee the ice that forms tonight will grace us with its presence for at least the next week.

Welcome to the prairie spring.  Sounds a bit daunting doesn't it?

However, here is the good news:  it is possible that the actual performance of the weather will not end up being as dire as presently predicted, or it will be even worse.... but even if it is, by tomorrow it will be clearing off again and the icy highways will last only as long as OUR trip to the city and back!

Guaranteed that as soon as WE are off the roads  for any length of time, the real spring weather will be on its way.  I am all ready praying for our trip the end of April as it seems it could be the perfect time for the last of the spring blowout blizzards!!!

Not that I'm paranoid or anything....based on our past experiences here or anything.....

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