Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Nice Middle of the Day Time Out

We are enjoying our Maundy Thursday.  

This morning we got to sleep in a whole hour before getting up to prepare home communions.  Oh, it is so difficult to see our incredibly active seniors actually turning into seniors and losing health and abilities.  We have lost so many from church attendance in one of our churches in the past year. They simply can't get there any more due to health and mobility issues.  However, it is lovely to be invited into their homes for spiritual fellowship and continuing friendship.

We decided to take a break on lunch preparation today and go out for lunch.  Between my health issues and the general dreadfulness of local restaurants, it is a rare occasion any more, but we really enjoyed it today.  We have a little chain restaurant with a cook that can fry up a perfect medium rare steak for my husband and they have several meals I am able to eat as well, although my sodium intake will not be nearly as low as it has been each day for the past couple of weeks! hohoho!  O my it was wonderful to be out together to talk and enjoy a meal that neither of us had to prepare or clean up after.

I have just completed a big round of exercise after having a few too many carbs today.  Well, less for supper and a bit more protein so I still feel full.  Whatever, it was a great break today....a rare cheat day, even though I gave some of my carbs to my husband to ingest to keep myself from going completely overboard and making myself ill.

Now I am going to relax with a tv show for a half hour while my husband has a nap.  He needs to rest so he can be at his best while doing the Maundy Thursday service here in town tonight.  Apparently it went very well last night at the other church despite a low attendance...with this terribly cold and snowy weather he is grateful anyone at all arrived for the service and he said the foot washing was particularly meaningful in such a small group.

I have supper is as close to sodium free as it is possible to be around here.  Despite the high sodium lunch, my blood pressure was fantastically low this afternoon.  Exercise....what an amazing boost to my system.

So, let the cold and snow continue.  It is not ruining our day.  It will not ruin tomorrow morning's Walk of the Cross even if the event has to be moved indoors.  Perhaps the weather report for the weekend will remain in play: much warmer and no more precipitation.

The heaviness of the lead into Good Friday and the recognition of what God required to bring us into harmony with himself, his willingness to take what should be our punishment upon himself...("It is finished.") boggles my mind.  From the sadness of realizing Christ's suffering in that supreme act of sacrifice we move quickly into the joy of Resurrection Sunday and the relief that comes from knowing that "He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!"

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