Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Friend

I have another friend who is two time cancer survivor.  I know when she is feeling well because she sends me at least a dozen email forwards every night....no personal notes or messages because she isn't good at keyboarding....or spelling....or sentence structure.... and I can't convince her that I don't care about those things.  
She is not a telephone conversationalist either, too practical to "waste" time on chitchat, so our friendship hasn't had much of a chance to grow since I moved from her town, but we are still friends nonetheless.

I suppose I could be quite annoyed at the many many forwards she sends me nearly every evening. They clog up my inbox and I end up deleting most of them, BUT there is one good thing about them:  as long as I am getting them I know my friend is well and at home, not down in the city in the cancer ward of a sprawling hospital. She has had a rough time the past few years as cancer continues to attack her after long periods of remission.  When those email forwards stop coming I know she is in trouble once again and it is time to suss out her location and try to get in touch with her.

My friend is a typical senior prairie farm woman who worked like a dog all her life until ill health forced her off the farm and into town, where she continues to work like a maniac every chance she gets, cleaning and cooking in her little apartment, babysitting her grandchildren and taking care of the people around her as much as she can.  She is not much for conversation as a rule but has a grandly expressive face that lets me know exactly what she is thinking without actually saying a word.  I miss her.  While she can come off as somewhat taciturn and not particularly friendly, (it comes from living such a hard working, poverty stricken life with little relief or joy), once you get to know her she is quite delightful and finds humour in the smallest things.

I hope I continue to find my inbox full of her forwards night after night.  They are her way of letting me know she is okay.

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