Tuesday, April 8, 2014

At Least We Provide Our Neighbours With a Few Laughs

We are nothing if not amusing to our neighbours.

This morning we did it again, giving the neighbours some new chuckles.  I was up bright and early this morning to take the garbage bin to the curb, my timing coinciding with neighbours beside us and directly across the street.  One of the things in my bin was a somewhat dilapidated teflon coated frying pan.  Although it only had a couple of dings and scratches in the coating, I decided that I am not going to keep coated frying pans any more once the teflon has any cracks or holes in it.  I only use them for frying eggs and melting cheese as it is.

I was so proud of getting the thing out of the house and into the garbage before my husband could find it and reassign it to the ever growing pile of "BUT I MIGHT  NEED IT FOR CAMPING!!" items slowly filtering their way out of our house and into our garage. (Note: my husband goes camping/canoeing no more than twice a year, total 10 days maximum....how much rotting old gear do you need for that bit of time, right??)

Well, my joy only lasted for the 13 hours that pan was in the garbage bin. Sigh.....  This very morning my dear husband, who only ever eats a slice of toast in the mornings after he has been up and moving for a couple of hours, wandered out into the kitchen immediately upon rising and requested a cheese omelette and toast.  Then he just stood there in the kitchen as I pulled the necessary food items out of the refrigerator.  I was hoping he would wander off before I absolutely HAD to pull out the new pan I purchased yesterday, but no.  He stood and sleepily watched my every move.  When I could delay no longer and had to pull out the new pan, enough different from the old one to catch even his dull witted early morning attention, his first question was, of course, what had happened to the old one.  

Sigh.....so I told him what I had done with it. (My own dull wittedness in the mornings left me without any ideas of how to fudge on the truth without actually lying to him.)  He stood around quietly for a few minutes longer and then, SURPRISE (NOT) said he could certainly use that old pan for his next camping trip.  There is one thing the man is and that is predictable! hahaha  I told him the story and how I felt about keeping our one teflon coated pan in the house once it started to deteriorate.  Well, I could see him waffling about it, but then he put on his clothes, wandered out to the garbage and brought the pan back into the house.  The pan is going to go to the kitchen in our other church which has no pots and pans on site, so that for the once or twice a year he needs to fry himself an egg during an overnight stay he will have something to cook with.

Okay, I will grant him that much.  The fact that it is NOT going into the garage with all the other junk mollified me somewhat.  For me what is important is that it is leaving the property.  It can go in the garbage or to the other church kitchen for his use. I don't care.  As long as it isn't HERE!  haha

So I can imagine the thoughts of our neighbours who did see him out there rooting through the bin I had just put out an hour previously and reclaiming his "treasure".  Isn't it just the stuff of a stand up comic routine?  Aiiiii yiiiii.....

Well, we are nothing in this neighbourhood if not entertaining, I'll give us that much.

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