Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brimming With Compliments

My husband makes me laugh more than any person on the earth.  I have another friend in another town that I used to see about 5 days a week who also is hysterically funny, but my husband reduces me to tears of laughter, often inadvertently.

He has been watching my weight loss over the past few months and making encouraging comments about how it is assisting me in regaining my health, but has never ventured a word about my actual appearance....until this morning.

Those of you who know my husband's past history with his long list of girlfriends, rather serious relationships etc. prior to getting together with me, might think that he is quite socially adept with a compliment for the ladies, but you would be dead wrong.  hahaha Those of you who REALLY know him realize that deep down inside, despite his aquired pastoral social skills, he is still a prairie farm boy who is easily embarrassed by compliments,  whether given or received.

This morning he walked up to me and told me quite seriously, "O Sue, you are looking far less bulgy these days."

There you have it: the supreme compliment from my very embarrassed husband who struggles to express compliments of any kind to anyone.

I am looking less bulgy.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Not around here.

After I picked my less bulgy self off the floor and wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes, I thanked him profusely for noticing and off we went to go about our day.

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