Thursday, April 24, 2014

Descriptive Tee Shirts

I had a friend going last night. hahaha  

She sent me a photo of a tee shirt with the slogan: "4 out of every 3 people struggle with math."

I sent her back an email with the response, "I don't get it...".  haha  Really got her going for awhile, to the point where she called me long distance this morning to see if I was just kidding or if I truly didn't get the joke. haha
Gotcha!  She and I sent gag cards back and forth to each other in the mail on a regular basis, each one cheekier than the last and it is great fun. It is our way of playing tag over the thousands of kilometers that separate us.

Another friend is retiring after 30 years of working at a community college.  Today was his last day in the office.  He wore his favourite tee shirt with the slogan:  "I did the math. I 'm outta here!!"  More I sensing a theme here?

My son was very lazy with his math skills in school, particularly in high school where it really mattered to his educational future.  However, I knew he was in trouble in Grade 12 when he walked into math class the first day in September, met his new teacher and instantly asked her to marry him.  Sigh....  She is a bright woman and despite it being her first year in the classroom she knew from his opening line that he was going to be one lazy fellow when it came to her pet subject.  He survived his year based on his classroom work, but did very poorly on his final provincial government exam...fortunately he didn't need a higher math grade to be accepted into art college.

I think I blogged earlier on about how I did well in Math, particularly in high school until my final year when I ended up in a class with a teacher I didn't understand and who seemed to have only one way of explaining any concept.  It was so disappointing.

One thing I am grateful for is the old equivalency formula.  I use it almost daily when figuring out sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrate contents in various amounts of the foods I eat.

Mathematics....just thinking about that subject makes me think of school, which makes my tummy turn over.  40 years later, the mere thought of a return to school nearly gives me a nervous breakdown.  I am so grateful that about the time my husband and I decided it WAS my turn to return to university, he was accepted into seminary and we took on his financial debt instead of mine.  As long as I can read books I can continue my education on my own and enjoy it without the stress of deadlines and papers and classroom discussion.  As far as that sort of thing, giving in to old age and realizing any more formal education would be pretty much wasted on me, is a stress free and freeing joy!


bullwinkle said...


Q: How many mathematicians does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: On average or do you want the whole distribution?

Me 'n math don't communicate, and here
I work with computers AND occasionally
write software....

I hated math as a kid.

Susan said...

Yeah...and my son's paintings are filled with geometric shapes and 3D images....completely mathematical. Go figure eh? haha