Wednesday, April 16, 2014

End of the Line

This afternoon was the last diabetic clinic at our local hospital.  It was an excellent clinic on using exercise and other techniques to assist our bodies to deal with our blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure and to combat depression and other stresses.  I particularly enjoyed learning some new resistance exercises and receiving a brand new strip of Thera-band for my trouble.  The upper body exercises are the ones I have been missing over the past few years so am really looking forward to adding them to my daily work out.  I am all ready looking forward to seeing my classmates once again in the autumn when we hold a reunion class and check how we are all progressing in dealing with this disease.

Today it seems that spring has also come to the end of the line.  I woke up to find 5cm of snow on the ground, that fortunately mostly melted off from the warmth of the pavement before I could get out there to shovel.  I walked to my clinic in high winds, freezing cold, with the snow flakes dancing around me all the way there and back. More snow is predicted for this evening and overnight.  Hey, we had a great spring this year though. Too bad it only lasted for 5 days! haha

I want all this cold and snow to get themselves out of the system before we have to drive to some ordinations many hours away in about 12 days time!!  Let's get as much late spring cold and bluster out of the way before then as we can!!

Well, my husband has to head out to our other town soon and I want to pack up a decent dinner for him to take along.  He is so tired of eating at both of the restaurants there...the usual combination of grease, sodium and filthy decor that seem to characterize too many eating establishments out here in the wilderness.  At least we are saving lots of money by not eating out more than once or twice a month at most.  

It has been a good day despite the cold weather.  Tonight after dinner I will work on some of the new exercises I learned today.  One joy for this old gal is that most of them are done from a seated position!  I can be a couch potato while still remaining active.  What's not to love about that????

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