Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looking Forward to a Break in the Action

This is a busy week, although with the end of the Lent and Holy Week services we have had a few hours to just rest.  It feels good.

Today has turned into a work day in part for my husband, as usual on his second "day off" each week, but yesterday, Easter Monday, he only worked a very little bit.  We watched tv shows and movies together and lallygagged about the house.  It was lovely.

I went to the doctor yesterday to get some meds that I have needed for awhile for my skin.  Now that my liver is settling down and the diabetes is under control I am able to treat the non-liver related skin problems and wow, things are clearing up after only 24 hours of treatment.  In a few weeks I hope to be A-OK to wear some new summer dresses and get out of these skin covering, hot, long pants I have had on every day since last summer's health issues began. I expressed my hope and joy this afternoon by purchasing another dress: at the pharmacy!  Only in a town this small could a person purchase clothing at a pharmacy...one of the idiosyncrasies of shopping in somewhat remote smaller centres.  It was fun getting a great deal on a cute little dress that I will probably wear a lot this summer.  The pharmacy also has a rack of lovely scarves, but I behaved myself and stayed away from it so I wouldn't be tempted.  I need another scarf like a moose needs a hat rack...to quote a favourite local expression.

The next 2 days will be a blur of pastoral visits in outlying areas of the parish, hospital visits and what have you.  So many seniors are ill and some of our parishioners are desperately ill who are not so senior in age.  

Then we head for the city for some ordination services.  We are really looking forward to that as one of the ordinations will be for a fellow in our region. He is going to be a wonderful priest.  We Anglicans are blessed to have him with us.

The following week will be spent visiting with our son.  We are pretty jazzed about that.  It is so kind of him to take time out of his incredibly busy pre-school term prep to visit us before he leaves for the south once again.  With all the time spent doing extra church services and now a week of pastoral visiting there has been no time to prepare, so guess he will take us as he finds us. 

Lots of good things this week and in the week ahead.  A break in the usual action is a happy thing right now. As someone told me yesterday: "Jesus is risen but his pastors are taking a nap!"

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