Friday, April 11, 2014

My Husband the Gift Giver.....NOT!

I am proud of my husband.  He is not a gift giver, finds it incredibly difficult to choose items, hates shopping, etc. etc. etc. and yet, he got himself together a couple of weeks ago and put together a big pail full of things for our son's birthday.

He spent several days deciding what he would like to send, drove around town to find the appropriate mailing contraption, spent several hours hemming and hawing, picking and choosing, an entire morning fitting and refitting the items he chose into a large industrial product pail and getting it sealed and over to the bus depot.

Our son is having a great time unpacking it and is touched that his father thought so much about him and took the time and effort to send him something.

Into the pail my husband packed: an assortment of green and red teas, a new duffel bag, a Dutch oven for my son to make his favourite soups and stews in, some special snacks, a wonderful book about art and spirituality and imagination, new tea towels, dish cloths and oven mitts, post-it notes etc. Everything needed, everything practical, of course a book had to be included and even the pail has its uses in our son's studio...he can mix paint, store brushes, turn it over to use as a small table or sit on it.  haha

I was delighted that my husband was able to come up with ideas for any sort of gifts. It is so far out of his comfort zone.  Our son is chuckling over the particular assortment....he knows his father well! haha

My husband was absent for many of our son's special childhood  days: birthdays, school events, even some Christmases were spent working overseas.  When he was at home the effects of his CFS made him somewhat absent in mind and spirit so much of the time.  Seeing my 2 favourite men bonding in more recent years the way fathers and sons should gives my own spirit a lift.  The gifts and packaging made me giggle, but I am thrilled that my husband would put himself into a "state of shopping" for his son.

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