Saturday, April 12, 2014

O Happy Day!

What a happy day we are having today.  It is chilly and windy outside, but inside our home it has been warm and cozy with wonderful visitors.

My husband's "second family" was with us for several hours.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch of northern pike, sandwiched between several hours of visiting.  

Is there anything more fun that meeting up with favourite family that haven't been seen for a few years?  The amount of sharing we were able to do in our few hours together was meaningful and deep.  Hopefully, at some point during our summer holidays we will get out to where they live and visit some more.

At dinnertime tonight we are having a potluck at our local church, followed by our Palm Liturgy and a Eucharist service.  Tomorrow we will celebrate Palm Sunday in our other church.  There are times when doing the services twice in one weekend is particularly sweet.  Palm and Easter Sunday services are like that.

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