Saturday, April 5, 2014

Prelude to Holy Week

We are entering the last week of Lent, the week before Holy week.  My husband is up to his ears in work, joyous and fulfilling work and he is pretty happy with life most days.

A good friend had a big interview today about her candidacy for a certificate of ordination in her denomination after completing many courses of study. She is amazing and deserves to have her long time calling to her ministry officially recognized.

Tomorrow we have our usual services in both our churches, with a healthy afternoon of pastoral visiting if all goes according to plan.

Our son turns 34 this week.  I can't believe it.

This is income tax week...somewhere in the midst of all the busyness it must be done!!

My second to last diabetic clinic at the hospital is this week.  This week's topic is related to taking good care of our feet and other extremities.  This past week was about Eating Well and it Went Well.  Our group was more relaxed with each other this time....of course, after keeping to myself so very well at the first session, I couldn't stand to do that again at our last session and just had to meet and greet everyone all over again.  It seemed to help break the ice, so maybe I didn't make a complete fool of myself...?  Then again....whatever....we had to get our waists measured and our blood pressure taken.  My BP was so much better than usual and the times I have been taking it myself have seen a great plunge in the numbers.  It is very encouraging to me to continue on the expunging of sodium from my diet. If I can lose 4 more inches off my waist I will be in the safe zone for heart issues...that is VERY encouraging and possibly even doable over the coming months.

My husband is heading back to the city once again for a couple of days of Diocesan meetings, purchasing some new clergy shirts and sussing out some lower sodium potato chips at the larger grocery stores there.  Suddenly there are zero bags of lower sodium chips on our local shelves, although I was able to get the last 7 bags in town today at the last store left for me to look in.  My husband doesn't eat that many potato chips, but when he wants a crunchy snack that is his favourite.  He can't stand the fully salted chips and even takes a fine haired pastry brush to the lower sodium chips to remove as much more as he can. 

I don't mind at all that he will be gone again for a couple of days, especially now that the ice has melted in sufficient quantities from the sidewalks that I can safely walk downtown and back.  The temperatures are warming up a bit during the day, so it will be wonderful to finally get the walking shoes back on and head out on foot.  

A dear friend has a birthday this week and while we can't travel to be with him at his special celebration, we did have fun finding a great card to mail to him.

Next weekend some of the dearest friends we have ever had, my husband's second family actually, are coming to spend a few hours of precious time with us on their way through to another destination.  My husband is so excited that he cancelled going to a meeting he had planned to be at.  WOW!  That tells me how excited he is to see these people.  They will be just as excited to see him.

My sister-in-law is having a birthday too so it will be fun to phone her and have a good "chinwag" as my mother used to call it.

All these fun times are happening amidst the regular church meetings and ministry responsibilities so it will be a very busy week, leading up to the even busier Holy Week.  

Then, after Holy Week, I am praying my husband will be able to sneak in the extra day off he is supposed to have after Easter Monday.  From my mouth to God's ears, as the poor man usually is on the verge of collapse by the time everything is done.  Our Holy Week schedule of services is daunting with having to do everything twice with 2 churches, as well as attend and participate in the ecumenical events in both towns as well. It is a wonderful and encouraging time of year though as we celebrate what Jesus went through for our sakes; the dark time of crucifixion followed by the light of the resurrection.  It is also a tiring time of year for most ministers.  Don't be afraid to let yours know you are praying for them during this incredibly busy time.

As I am sitting here writing this I am realizing I am tired just from writing this down and thinking about all that is happening over the next 2 weeks....I think I will crawl into bed super early and just read a book for awhile.

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