Thursday, April 10, 2014


Confirmation on the spring thing: this morning's reappearance of the robins and blue jays just after I wrote the last post. YAY!!  Now, if the grey clouds would disperse and allow the sun to shine on me again, it would be a perfect day! I will go for a walk this afternoon and enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Yesterday was my next to last local diabetic clinic.  My husband had to go to the city so I walked to the hospital in the brilliant sunshine.  Unfortunately that lovely sunshine was accompanied by 50 to 70km wind gusts so I ate dirt from the surrounding fields all the way there and back, but the sense of freedom I experienced by being able to safely walk outside again was amazing!

The clinic was particularly good yesterday as it answered so many of my remaining questions about blood pressure and cholesterol, sodium and fats that all relate to diabetes in very direct ways.  After the first tense and awkward session, people are loosening up and talking to each other, not afraid to answer the questions posed to us by the RN and dietician, laughing and chatting just a bit before class.  Typical of me, after only 4 weeks with these people I am going to really miss them when class is over.  It isn't because I am particularly lonely these days, I just always miss people when I meet them for short periods of time and then am unlikely to see any of them again.  Most of this group don't live in town, so we will likely only run into each other at the grocery store on occasion and none of us know each other well enough to be exchanging phone numbers or anything considered to be so socially scary  here. The fellow I wrote about before who was so impressed by his diabetic friend taking his blood sugar count before imbibing, shared openly about his own struggles to quit smoking as his diabetic wife is, like all diabetics, not supposed to be exposed to second hand smoke.  I felt for him.  He was so sincere in his expression of wanting to help his wife while still being overtaken with the nicotine bug when he has stresses of his own. Been there and done that.....

I had a great chat with my parents this morning as well. They are both doing pretty well with their health issues, but mom is fretting over doing income tax.  She is getting worse about this worrying thing as she gets older (a family trait) and I truly believe she thinks if she doesn't send in the right forms for her charitable receipts etc. that she is going to go to jail.  Poor mom....poor dad having to put up with that level of her fretting all their married lives.  In my extended family it is my mom who has inherited her family worry genes, the pressure of having to always do one's very best and hopefully all the way to perfection in all things.  My husband and son also struggle with that, while Dad and I have the attitude that if either of us makes a mistake, despite our best attempts to do things properly, well it is too late now so let's deal with it as best we can and move on.  I am so glad I turned out to be more like him in this area of life.  I didn't used to be, but so happy things changed in my middle age.

So, off to do another load of laundry.  I picked up all the groceries yesterday that I will need to make a nice lunch for our company on Saturday.  A little housecleaning tomorrow and all will be well.

Time to go and prepare lunch.  Then my second walk of the spring season...OUTSIDE....! NO ICE!! (only mud)  YIPPEE!!


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