Friday, April 4, 2014

The Joy of SKYPE

My husband was able to do a 2 hour meeting with the diocesan Doctrine and Worship Committee this evening using SKYPE.  Our diocese is finally getting with the technological programme by making more and better use of such things.  For my husband it meant one less 10 hour round trip to the city and back.  It saved quite a few people very long drives.

I am a big fan of SKYPE.  Last winter when we were storm stayed and had to miss out on an important meeting in the process of electing our new bishop, we were able to SKYPE with all the candidates and nomination committee and thus participate without leaving home to risk being stranded in the storm.

This summer when our son is in the USA for his final term of university we will be able to SKYPE on occasion to give him a lifeline to the world outside his incredibly intense programme and we will be able to see if he is staying healthy and getting some sleep.

People around the world have been using this and similar technologies for quite some time now.  We are grateful for it and the way we too can now be connected. We will save a lot of time, energy and money that we would otherwise have to spend in order for my husband to do his job well and to keep in touch with our travelling son.

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