Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There, That's Long Enough!

My husband is enjoying his second day in a row of sleeping in.  I haven't seen him this tired since....since.....um....since this time last year.  The post Lenten/Easter season is such an adrenalin let down.  That on top of being unable to access injectable vitamin B in this country has worn him right down.  I am so glad he can sleep in.  I am fielding any phone calls or emails that have to be answered immediately but other than that, I am in relax mode as well.

Since I wake up to eat every day between 7am and 8am without fail, I can't sleep in, but I can take it easy in between walks outside.  My current novel is actually getting read at times other than just before bedtime at night. (The Post-Office Girl by Stefan Zweig, translated by Joel Rottenberg) 

On the weekend we had a delightful time celebrating a double ordination service at the Cathedral.  I love ordinations:  the red and white albs and copes and stoles, the pomp and ceremony.  It is a beautiful rite of passage from deacon to priest with all the Anglican signs and symbols.  You can't miss the fact that something of great spiritual importance is happening.  Bishops and archdeacons adorn the chancel, the Eucharist table is set up perfectly, a plethora of robed priests fill the front pews of the church.  Ancient songs are sung.  The morning afterward I woke up chanting Come Holy Spirit our Hearts Inspire and my husband was singing St. Patrick's Breastplate.  After the service a delicious ham dinner was served with a multitude of salads and fresh home made buns.  My husband and I visited on and on with many old friends who had also driven from one place and another to be present for support of the new priests.  So many people were there that we rarely get to see any more since our move away from Moose Jaw. It was grand.

There was one hilarious moment for me.  When our very tall bishop stood to present the Eucharist, flanked on each side by two very short and tiny deacons, the deacon nearest to where I was sitting was completely invisible to me because she was hidden behind the large Bible on the table.  When it came time in the midst of the Eucharistic Prayer for her to lift the cup, all I could see was a tiny hand and forearm appear from behind the Bible to lift and replace the cup,  before disappearing again behind the Bible.  It was rather jarring seeing this hand appear from nowhere and disappear again. haha

At our hotel room that night, a couple of MJ buddies dropped in for a nice long visit.  We all had lots of news to catch up on so we stayed up rather late.  When we said a prayer together before they left they told us how much they  miss coming to our place for prayer and Bible study.  It has been over 4 years since we were there together and it is heartening to know that those times made a positive difference in their lives.  They were edifying times for us as well.

The next morning we discussed and rehashed all the fun we had the previous day.  For us, being somewhat geographically isolated in our present ministry from old friends and family, it was the social event of this year to date.  Seeing one of our own regional deacons fully priested was very encouraging as well.  He is all ready dearly loved throughout our region and is such an asset to the church as a whole.  

It was a positive and exciting start to our week off.

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