Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Aaaaand....It's Snowing.....

Woke up with a start this morning, 2 hours later than usual.  The travel fatigue from Sunday finally caught up with me and wow, did I ever sleep.  It is after 9:30am at the moment and my husband is still sleeping deeply.  So glad he is taking his 2 days off this week.  He took a second Vitamin B12 shot last night and is having a more relaxed sleep than he has had in a few months.

As soon as I realized the time I jumped out of bed, donned some flipflops and a sweater and headed out to the curb with the garbage bin.  Fortunately the collection truck had not been past our house yet. Unfortunately it was snowing and I slipped due to flat bottomed flipflops on sheen of water and nearly fell on the smooth, painted wooden steps outside the front door.  Fortunately I caught myself before I could fall.  Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the snow flakes, tiny as they were, my attitude took another short trip into the basement.  Nearly an hour later the wee flakes are still coming down but they are not sticking to anything.  They are melting as soon as they touch down.  They are gaining in size but hopefully will not develop into a huge snowy covering like Alberta had on the weekend.  Anywhere but the prairies it would be difficult to fathom snow of any kind falling at the end of the first week of May.  This is our 8th month in a row with snowfall.

Perhaps we will have an extended warm autumn period to compensate for a lousy spring.  That is always the hope out here and often it is proven to be a reliable one. Today I choose to believe that will be the case.

Time to get showered and dressed, then start hauling "stuff" into the car for delivery to the thrift store. Cleaning out the house always makes me feel joyful.  Each item that goes is one less I will have to pack up should we ever move from this present location.  My current MO is that for every new item I bring into the house, at least one other, older item goes to the thrift store or into the garbage bin.  My husband brought home a new white tea mug from Murchie's Teas and so his old one with the crack in it goes into the garbage.  I have 2 new paintings coming next weekend so there will be 2 other artistic pieces or knickknacks to be chosen for removal.  This system makes us both more careful in our purchases of anything non-food related and will make our house less cluttered over the coming years.

It is going to be a productive day....eventually....once both of us are awake and functioning....as the morning hours fly by and not one thing has yet been accomplished...but it will be....it will.....it will......

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