Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birdie Num Nums

The house finches put on quite a performance this morning when I opened the big kitchen blind that looks out over the bird feeders on the deck.

The main seed feeder has been empty for the better part of a week as we were not here to replenish it once they emptied it, likely within a couple of days of us leaving for our trip. They will have a bit of the suet and the larger nuts in a mesh bag if they must, but the seeds are what intrigue them most.

This morning is only our second morning home.  Yesterday morning there were no birds around the place at all, but this morning when I raised the blind, it was only a few minutes before several red breasted finches appeared right at the window.  They hovered in midair right at the window, flapping their little wings and staring inside. One of them began tapping on the glass with his beak. Then 2 of them flew over to the feeder, dipped their heads inside its empty space and returned to the window, flapping away madly and peeping at me.  They seem to have made the connection that if that blind goes up there may be food coming.  Off my husband trudged in his old shoes and pj bottoms, as soon as he was awake enough to function and once he was over his shock about my ECG, to fill up the feeder and fill the watering trough for them.  All afternoon we have had contented birds fluttering about and by morning he will probably have to go through the entire procedure all over again. teehee 

Well...having feeders and watering troughs for the birds was HIS idea, so....hahaha.  Go to it my dear. Feed those birdies!

As for myself, I have to admit I am kind of looking forward to my husband's day in our other town later this week.  If it doesn't pour rain again, I want to go outside and clean up the winter's garbage that blew into the front and side yards and maybe, just MAYBE give the front yard its first mowing of the season.  I can't believe I am so excited about mowing the lawn.....what is wrong with me??? hahahaha  I guess I want to see if I can do it without any allergic reaction or liver reaction now that the medication I reacted to last spring is out of my system.  Oh, how I hope I will be able to work in the yard this year after not being able to do much for the past 2 summers.

Time to go and package up a hundred dollars worth of meat I purchased this afternoon.  I wanted to walk with weights for part of the hike, so I picked up a lot of meat at the Coop and will put it into single serving packs in the freezer.  Went to thaw some meat for supper earlier today and realized we didn't have any left!!  My head is still not at home I suppose. haha


bullwinkle said...

OK, as soon as I saw birdie num nums,
I thought of Peter Sellers... :)

Susan said...

Yes, that is right. I couldn't remember if it was Peter Sellers or The Muppets, I just remember the expression. hahaha

bullwinkle said...

He said it in "The Party"

Susan said...

Of course, of course! Duh....you get old and the memory lapses...