Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Times

We are having a wonderful time this week, visiting with our son, checking out his new art works, hearing his exciting stories about his preparations for school and his social life.  We have visited his new studio and enjoyed all the visuals his art provides.  It is good to see him healthy and happy in the midst of being exceptionally busy.

Vancouver in April is a joyful place for us. We are enjoying the scenery very much: the ocean filled with freighters, the tide going in and out, the magnolia and cherry tree blossoms, the lush greenery of the many trees and bushes, even the grass on  peoples' lawns is brightly green and all ready being mowed on a regular basis.  Bright red and yellow tulips are just coming to the end of their blooming seasons, grape hyacinths dot the ground at the bottom of the tall trees, camelias are blooming in profusion around our hotel.  Moss covers the trunks of the older trees.  There is something warm and welcoming about moss.  Seagulls squawk and hover about the beaches in large groups.  People jogging along the seawall look so happy as they can get out on these warmer, rain free days.  Dog walkers abound and the dogs are having a great time trotting along the sidewalks, sniffing at the tourists and sneaking bits of snacks dropped on the ground near the food vending trucks.  Walking around the streets under canopies of green leafed tree branches and gazing at the gutters now filled with pink cherry blossoms as they fall from the trees brings a feeling of deep serenity.

Here I am walking an average of 3 to 5 kilometers per day and thinking nothing of it.  Everything around me is so beautiful that the blocks go by and I am not thinking of distance.  At home, the streets muddy and brown, snow mold still obvious in the dead looking grass after the snow melt, do not inspire me and it takes every ounce of mental and physical effort to walk 4 blocks to the post office and back.  I am startled to realize just how much living on the prairies has drained me of my energy, my mental vitality and my joy.  Tackling this problem is going to be a focus for me when I return home.

My husband is resting....and resting....and sleeping...and resting.  It is so good for him.  I can see how the ongoing lack of the proper B12 is adding to his exhaustion as he tries to recover from the busyness of the past few months.  He is taking some of these long walks with me though and is enjoying the fresh air and exercise.  Each day we are grateful that we booked this trip a few months ago.  If we had waited to take a break during our summer holiday time we wouldn't have made it without being so tired we wouldn't enjoy that time off.  There are many friends here to see and usually we would be arranging all manner of visits, but this is a time to rest and relax with no committments for a change.  Tonight we will have dinner with some friends and that is the only socializing we are doing apart from seeing our son.  It is quite lovely to be on our own with no plans.  We have to do this more often.

We are both grateful to our parish for giving my husband 2 Sundays off in a row so that this full week away was possible.  We are grateful to those who stepped forward to do the church services and be on call for emergencies in his absence.  We are grateful that everyone could see my husband needed this time off.  

What a wonderful week.

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