Friday, May 2, 2014

Help For My Husband's Health

Many thanks to those of you who have been praying for my husband's health battles as a result of the shortage of liquid injectable Vitamin B12 in Canada.  We got a positive answer to prayers yesterday.

He was feeling so terrible yesterday morning that he decided to contact the pharmacy behind our hotel to ask if any of the batch of B12 released April 1 to some of our larger cities, had made its way here.  Lo and behold they had some!!!!  No prescription needed here either, unlike in our present province of residence, but he would need one to receive the needles for injection.  We decided it was worth a wait of several hours at the attached walk in clinic.  The doctor was most understanding of my husband's somewhat dire situation and was quick to write the scrip.  

My husband's face lit up like a neon sign when he came back to the waiting room waving his prescription at me like a white flag.  He had his first dose yesterday so it should kick in sometime today or tomorrow.  Even if he doubles his monthly dosages for the next 2 months to get back on his feet, he will still have enough for several month's worth of shots.

I am so grateful, so relieved, so happy.  We should have called at the beginning of the week to check on availability, but it is done now.  All is well.

Thank you for your support as he has battled through this latest downturn in his health.


bullwinkle said...

Doin' the happy dance for you!

Oh yeah! God is good!. :)

Penny said...


Thank you Lord for such a wonderful answer to prayer!


Happy Dance x 16,000

cherylann said...

My love and prayers are with you both.

Susan said...

Thanks Cheryl, Penny and Bullwinkle for your care and concern. A few days ago our son and I were wondering how my husband was going to manage to return to work at all, let alone next week all ready. Less than 24 hours after his B12 shot he put in a long day of touring here, yes he is tired tonight, but nothing like before. So happy for him. Thanks for praying.