Monday, May 12, 2014

I MUST Be Starting To Feel Better!

My husband claims I am officially "on the mend".  He is right, although I still didn't feel able to get dressed today, or do any cooking.

However the telltale signs are there:  I woke up this morning fretting about the house needing a good cleaning, about the mess that accumulates with both of us being ill over several days and about the yard work in desperate need of being started.  How I am itching to get out there, rake out the stones and garbage buried among the fallen leaves from last fall before taking out the mulcher and giving the grass its first attention of the season.  We can both tell I am starting to get over this 'flu' because I am crabby with the need to get going with catching up on the house and yard work.

An hour ago I couldn't stand it any longer.  Still in my nightgown and thick wool socks, I hauled the vacuum cleaner out and sucked up the dirt and lint from the kitchen and dining room floors and the front and back entryways.  I could easily complete all the vacuuming tomorrow if I feel just a bit better than I do today.  The rest of the basic cleaning could be caught up by Thursday and then I could head outside and enjoy the sunshine and the lawn preparation.

Of course that bit of vacuuming has exhausted me, but there is hope now that I am healing and if I don't overdo it too much I will be able to get lots done quite soon.  YAY!

It must be that good leftover spaghetti and salad from the weekend fundraiser that is making me strong!  YUM!!

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